Your Name LED Flashing Board

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If you always want to show some special flashing effect of your name then this one project is only for you. Here I made the LED board for flashing a name “MANAH” with a cheap PIC microcontroller based circuit so that this project prepared for a low cost but highly effective.

Step 1: Required Components

  • Microcontroller PIC16F675
  • NPN Transistor TIP120/TIP122 X 5
  • LEDs
  • Resistor 1kΩ X5
  • Resistor 220Ω X5
  • Capacitor 220μF/16V
  • 8-Pin IC base
  • SMPS Board for DC 5V power supply
  • Any suitable Programmer like PICkit2/PICkit3.

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

For the word ‘MANAH’ it is a 5-channel based circuit and for each I used approximately 100 LEDs per channel but in the circuit, only 3-3 LEDs per channel are shown for reducing the image size.

Step 3: Programming & Source Code

If your name is of different size then you just need to edit the program written with a compiler “Mikro C for PIC” and download the complete code. Finally burn the generated HEX code to the to the microcontroller using a suitable PIC programmer like PICkit.



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