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Intro: Your Sharpie Marker Revived

Looking to expand the life of your Sharpie marker? With some basic office supplies ingredients, you can save your favorite marker from the trash!

Step 1: Grab Your Supplies

To revive a dried out Sharpie marker, you will need:

  • Your marker
  • Rubbing alcohol (any brand or proof will work)
  • Eye or ear dropper
  • Pliers (you may need two if your marker is really old and stubborn)

Step 2: Pull Apart Marker

Carefully pull apart your Sharpie marker. If you have an older marker, you may need two pliers instead of one. You will hear a loud "click" when the marker detaches. This is normal.

Step 3: Remove Ink Pad

Remove the ink pad from the marker container. Be careful to only touch the sides or you'll stain your fingers!

Step 4: Saturate Ink Pad

Using your eye or ear dropper, suck in the rubbing alcohol. Take your alcohol and proceed to saturate your ink pad. Tip: Start with 2-3 drops then wait. If you over saturate your ink pad, it will drip ink. We have noticed that 4-5 drops works perfectly - but this may vary by marker.

Step 5: Reassemble Marker

Reassemble your marker. You will hear the pop again when you put your marker back together; this is how you will know it's secure. Wait 1-2 minutes before using. This allows the ink pad to be fully saturated and ready to use. Then enjoy your newly revived marker!

BONUS TIP: You can revive your marker as long as the ink is not dried out. We'd recommend 3-4 revives, then it's time for a new marker.



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    5 Discussions


    1 year ago

    I FINALLY had one of these go dry at work so I could try TOTALLY amazed my co-workers, haha. I used a syringe and some methyl hydrate in a pop bottle cap, worked like a charm ~ THANKS!

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    I've done this before but used Lacquer thinner being how Sharpies are Lacquer based. But if alchocol works, go for it. Thumbs Up.