Your Zombie Eyes Are Dead to Me

Introduction: Your Zombie Eyes Are Dead to Me

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A quick and easy way to make zombie eyes.

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Step 1: Needful Things

You just need a couple things. Hot glue gun, glass jar, old spoon, and paint for eye color!

Step 2: Pupils and Scruples. Here We Go!

I chose to use glass to do this step. Its easier, even...and it will make sense. Lol!
I used hot glue to make a "button". Just glob the hot glue onto one spot and let it form itself. I make mine about the size of a nickel. Let it cool and add your eye color (I'm partial to blue myself, Lol). You can do any color, solid or multicolored, add a pupil or make it pale.
Just remember to leave it stuck to the glass. It will make it easier to paint the whole thing. When the paint is dry, go ahead and pry it off and get ready for the next step!

Step 3: Spooning Isn't Just for Lovers

Make the spoon as even as you can so it doesn't get so messy. Dab a little bit into the cup of the spoon. Set your pupil into the spoon on top of your hot glue. Make sure to make it so the painted part is face down into the bottom! The further down you press it, the clearer it will look. The less you press it, the "foggier" the effect, so you really can't go wrong either way.

Step 4: The Soulless Windows

When it is cooled off just pry it out of the spoon. It works and looks great if you put it on a mannequin head with a mask! I won't lie, when I say "pry" I mean you have to pry. But its still a bit flexible, so you should be good! It may be easier to warm the spoon up so it comes out a bit easier, whatever works!
You can see I have 2 different ones. One I waited til the paint dried, the other I put in while it was still wet for a different effect. The very first picture is from my Zombie, just a teaser tho! Later on I will make an Instructable on how that all came together. Stay tuned and have fun!

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    2 Discussions

    This is an awesome technique, are we going to get a how to for that awesome head up at the top? If so that'd be amazing! Thanks for sharing!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    That head is for a prop I am building! I will be writing the Instructable later when my friends show with a camera. Its a zombie prop for pictures. It'll look like you were in midswing killing a zombie when the pic was taken. Speaking of "taken"...they are taking an awful long time to get here....

    Sorry! Yes, it will be posted tonight or tomarrow afternoon at the latest! Thank you!