Your Ultimate Guide to Using the HP Designjet T2500 Printer

Introduction: Your Ultimate Guide to Using the HP Designjet T2500 Printer

Using an HP Designjet T2500 couldn’t be easier, its dual roll media feed with output to stacker or bin allows you to get more done with minimum down time. Its ePrint and Share feature, along with HPs innovative user experience, the A1 multifunction printer is top of the range.

Source: Perfect Colours 'HP launch T2500'

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Step 1: Power

Turn the printer on by holding down the power button. 

Step 2: Feeding Through the Paper

Open the top roll cover by pushing down on the blue handle. Feed the spindle through the roll core with the paper edge facing away from you, then place the roll and spindle back in the grooves and feed the paper downwards into the paper feed.

Step 3: Starting the Print

touch the print icon and choose how you want to send the print, you can either print via USB, ePrint and Share or from a network location. 

Step 4: Choosing Your Printing Source

In the settings you can output the print to either the media bin or the built in media stacker.

Step 5: Collecting Your Print

Once printed, collect your print from your chosen location.

Step 6: Unloading the Paper Roll

To unload either paper roll push in the blue leaver which correlates to the roll you are unloading (either 1 or 2). Slide the roll and spindle out of the printer and close the media door.

Step 7: Shutting Down Your Printer Properly

To turn off the printer hold down the power button, this allows the printer to clean its print heads, remove any un-need roll feed and shut its print engine down correctly.

Step 8: Further Information

If at any point you need further information or guidance then please contact Perfect Colours

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