You're a Wizard, Dog!

Introduction: You're a Wizard, Dog!

About: Hi, my name is Laura and i'm Colombian! :-)

Hi everyone!
This is my tutorial on how to make your dog a wizard! :-)
So, here we go.

Step 1: Open Pixlr Editor

Go to pixlr and open pixlr editor.
Then upload your picture. 

Step 2: Lasso Tool

Select the lasso tool and outline your pet. Next step is to cut it out, then you can insert the image in our next step.

Step 3: Background

Upload your background into a separate window. I chose a fall picture, you can pick anything you want. :-)
Then look for some pumpkin pic! And use the lasso tool to cut it out.
And then, paste it.  

Step 4: Paste the Images.

Paste your pet on the background and then add another pumpkin (optional)

Step 5: Add Some Decorations!

You can add anything you want. I added a Hogwarts Witch Hat and an Owl. :-)
When you're done save the image.

Step 6: Pixlr Express (optional)

Open Pixlr Express if you want to add some effects, text, borders and stickers. :-)
Upload your picture.
I changed the color a little bit with Anne effect.  

Step 7: Add Stickers and Text!

I added some halloween stickers and these beautiful Harry potter glasses to my dog (PS: Her name is Riley!) :-)
Now she looks like a wizard hey!
You can add text if you want to, of course. 
Add a border and you're done!

Step 8: Before and After

I had so much fun doing this. Pixlr is amazing!
Have an amazing halloween-day friends! :-)

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Cute! That would make a great card to send out to friends.