Yurt From Broken Venetian Blinds (wooden)

Introduction: Yurt From Broken Venetian Blinds (wooden)

Using the blind cord to knot together a geodesic dome/yurt using some broken blinds.

The built structure is lightweight and can be lifted by one person, which is great for moving 
it into the sun. Alternatively you can use a cover and use it as a shelter or use a plastic
cover to make a greenhouse. Great for the beach, outdoor weddings, festivals...

The blinds can also be painted which makes fun children's garden playhouses.




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    really cool video. a few questions ...
    how are you attaching the wooden slats together?
    how much weight can the structure support in terms of covering. could you use a heavier material like canvas or are you limited to something light like vinyl tarps?
    How long did it take you to convince everyone in the background to move backwards? :D

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    Hello, i'm glad you like it. I'll attach some images of how I did the knotting, you just need to make sure that the end knot is big enough so that the slat doesn't pop off when under pressure, i just did three basic knots but there is probably some fancy type of knot or you could use a bead.

    As for the material, I have been using that metallic plastic given to people after running marathons and used for emergency shelters (i'm using one from a 99p shop) I would be concerned that canvas would get too heavy if waterlogged but in dry weather the structure is definitely strong enough. I am also trying out making my own felt to cover it, but this would also need a waterproof layer.

    The fabric can also be attached to the blinds using the same knots which hold it together.

    I would love to see some photos if you make one!

    As for the walking backwards...it was a pretty complicated and highly complex operation, weeks of preparation.