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Introduction: ZKAR All Modded Up

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These are 4 mods that I could fit on the zkar at once that all improve performance or connivance.

They are:

-No broken part in the bullet lock - Mepain

-Better pin guide - Kinetic (This is probably the best and most helpful, because I don't know about you guys, but I had lots of trouble with zak's, his was just terrible. You had to tape it, the pin guide had to be a grey rod so it could bend, and it never attached right. For a while I just took it off, until I saw Kinetics on his vice ckg)

-New trigger that blocks farther back and does not bend or need tape - Me

-Top loading mag with a lock-down pusher to make loading easier - BakenBitz (GrandeSwag)

I got lazy on the stock, so what.

Oh and credit to zak (knarez) for the original design.

Sorry the image notes suck, I can click and make one, but they are all the same square shape, so sorry if I don't seem to point out something well with a box.



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    Looking at the main picture in the search area, it just looked like a lazy version of the ZKAR (that handle). It was judging a book by its cover, though, when I finally came around to clicking this and saw all the mods you did to it. I'll definitely try it, but I'm not sure of the reliability of that breach (about weither bullets would fall out). Anyway, for my not-so-heavily-modded ZKAR, I put some wheels on the top that the rubber band was on, and some barriers set so I could fling the band off the mag pusher, pull it down to the bottom, and load it through my breach that was only exposed when the pusher is all the way down, then strap the bands back on when I need it (all thi being on only 1 side of the gun, so it wasn't too slow) plus adding a couple things from the ZKAR 3 (trigger, and no broken piece bolt part). Definitely going to try this

    The ZKAR might be a bit too hard right now. Try some other guns first, then build the original, then you might try this one

    about the bullet lock mod, there's a much simpler and better one (in my opinion). just put a male ball socket on the 4-way connector from the mag wall and that's it.

    about the pin guide, i made a different back connection, but i love the idea. it's MUCH better.

    i like the concept for the trigger, though i liked zak's one better, because none of the problems many have listed happened to me. it was 100% reliable with 3 #64s and 1 layer of tape. it never banded or jammed or anything for me.

    i really don't like the breach load, idk why, i just don't. it doesn't work well for me.

    overall, nice mods, 4*.

    nice mods i really liked it, the trigger doesn`t jam anymore

    Very nice trigger idea! good mods overall
    Oh and for the image notes: you can deform them with the corners connected to the typing block

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