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Zombie Boogers are the perfect halloween trick-or treat! I stumbled across a website that sells all sorts of candy boogers and they inspired me to make my own. "Glow in the Dark"  Zombie Finger Puppets add the perfect touch to this grosserific treat! I've seen some other halloween themed finger puppets and you can mix and match them with your favorite candy to make your own edible boogers. 

Zombie Boogers:

Test Tubes

Green Candy- candywarehouse

Zombie Finger Puppets 

Avery Labels 8160 - see PDF file

To make the Zombie Boogers, fill each test tube all the way to the top with the green candy. The easiest way to do this is to scoop up a bunch of candy in one hand and then use the other hand to scoop the candy into the test tube. Some of the "boogers" may get stuck in the tube. Just gently tap the tube and they will release. Once the tubes are filled with boogers, add the cap and the zombie booger labels. Lastly, place one of the zombie finger puppets on top of the tube.They fit really snug. Enjoy your grosserific edible zombie boogers!

Happy Halloween! 



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Why would I want to eat zombie boogers when I can eat my own?... Lol Just kidding.. I just had to say that... Haha =D When I saw this I just had to come and take a look.. Cool and yucky idea. Hehe :))

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