ZOMBIE Halloween Makeup Tutorial




Halloween Zombie makeup tutorial


Step 1: Face Painting.

Let’s start!

1. First of all I use white face paint and I softly apply it to my face.

2. Remember fade it out.

Step 2: Eyes and Eye Brows.

3. I use a black eye pencil and I make these foggy lines

to my waterline and upper lid and then I fade it out with brush.

4. and 5. Then I use my The Nudes palette by Maybelline and I do my eye brows almost like I usually


Step 3: Nose Contouring

6. Then I take black face paint and I apply it to my nose to make some shadows.

7. Remember fade it out.

Step 4: Shadows Part 1

8. I’m still using the same black paint and I do little lines to my cheeks...

9. ...and some random little lines to do shadows to my cheeks, that would make my cheek bones look like higher and my face look little bit more a narrower.

10. I fade it out little bit but I let these lines to guide my black eye shadow line what I’m going to use next.

Step 5: Shadows Part 2

11. and 12. I use black eye shadow to my cheeks

13. I also apply the black eye shadow to my forehead.

Step 6: Lips.

14. and 15. I use concealer and white pencil to my lips and I use it kind of a one-side technic to make my lips look like an asymmetrical. Because I want it to look like my other side of my lip is like hanging, you know.

Step 7: Eye Lid.

16. and 17.

Next thing that I’m going to use is red lipstick and I apply it to my under eye skin and my upper eye lid. Then fade it out.

Step 8: Bruises.

18. 19. 20. and 21.

Then I apply some light blue eye shadow to corner of my eye. And I make it look more realistic bruise adding a darker blue eye shadow. You can make these bruises where ever you want.

Step 9: Eye Shadow.

22. and 23.

Next I use black eye shadow to my eye lids and I make it look foggy.

Step 10: Wounds, Part 1

24. and 25. I apply hobby glue to my cheek (or whatever that part is called)

26. I use some cotton pads to make it look like an open wound. I just ripped up these pads and glued to my face.

27. I also used a latex glue to hold these cotton pads better.

Step 11: Wounds, Part 2.

28. I use black face paint and I’m doing some random shadows next to cotton pads, to make it look more realistic.

29. Then I apply red lipstick to represent blood.

30. I apply some concealer to white parts, so it little bit fade these edges out.

31. I'm using white pencil to make some lights.

Step 12: Wounds, Part 3.

32. Then I draw lines with my liquid eyeliner to make it look like open wound. Then I make another one wound to my forehead using the same technik.

33. I used this same dark blue eye shadow to make some bruises around these “wounds”. And I apply it little bit on my lip.

34. I also used lip pencil (the color is called `soft berry´) to make the edges of these wounds look like a little bit inflamed.

35. Then I add some lights with white eye pencil.

Step 13: Skin.

36. and 37. I use a green food color and I apply it to my face with cotton pad. (you can use green face paint, but I couldn't find it.)

Step 14: Tattoos

38. Then I touch up my makeup little bit, to make these bruises look better. And I also apply a little more that red lipstick under my eyes.

39. I choose my tattoos.

40. and 41. I put these cute, little wound tattoos to my face.

You can skip this part I you want.

Step 15: Last But Not Least...

42. and. 43. Yeah, this is the fun part, I use the toothbrush and a red food color and I make these little “blood drops” to all of my face and neck.

44. And then I put a little bit a red food color to my mouth, this make my mouth look like its bleeding. (This stuff tastes really bad! Look at that pretty face I made :-D )

45. Then hair, you can do it like you want, and we are actually ready!

Step 16:

This is the whole zombie look, hope you like it!

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    3 years ago

    Wow you could really pull off a cosplay of a Sansa from game of thrones but a zombie