Zakka Inspired Heart Pocket Purse

Introduction: Zakka Inspired Heart Pocket Purse

Here's what you'll need:

• Heavy outer fabric* -I used cotton canvas.
• Lighter lining fabric*
• Embroidery floss or thin yarn -I used sport weight cotton yarn.
• Scissors
• Coordinating thread
• Sewing machine (Optional)

*I didn't put quantities because the size of your pocket will be up to you. A small pocket purse would be a great way to use up some scrap fabric!

In the next step we will making our pattern.

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Step 1: Make Your Pattern

I simply folded a sheet of notebook paper in half and cut out a heart shape to use as the pattern for my pocket. You can make it any size you want. `

Step 2: Cut Pattern Pieces

You will need to cut out:

  • 2 hearts from your outer fabric
  • 2 hearts from you inner fabric

Step 3: Add Embellishments (Optional)

I used some sport weight yarn to embroider my daughter's initial onto the front of one of the heart pieces.

You could also try:

  • Adding lace or rick rack
  • Decorating with fabric markers or pens
  • Sewing on some small buttons or beads

Step 4: Sew Heart Pieces

With right sides facing, sew an outer heart and inner heart and inner heart together leaving a few inches open to turn. Repeat with the other two hearts. You can use a sewing machine or needle and thread for this step.

Be sure to clip along the curves of the hearts so that they look smooth when you turn the right sides out. It can also be helpful to press them with an iron so they lay flatter before moving onto the next step.

Step 5: Hand Stitch the Pocket and Add Strap

Use your yarn or embroidery floss to make small stitches around the outsides of the heart. These stitches will also close up the openings you used to turn the hearts right side out. Sew through both hearts to form the pocket, then top stitch along the tops of each heart to make the opening.

To make the strap: Cut three pieces of yarn. Draw them in between two of the stitches on either side of the bag and tie a large knot to secure.

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    Daww it's so cute! Very nice job on the embroidery it looks so pretty! Welcome to instructables!

    Amber Celeste
    Amber Celeste

    Reply 5 years ago

    Thank you! :)