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Introduction: Zak's Knex Turret Bow

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This is not my gun, it was made by Zak (Zakrants or zKnar) in 2009.

With that said, here is the turret bow. I posted a forum about it a little bit ago and asked for permission to post it. Granted, the internals weren't the same because I couldn't figure them out. But, kindly enough, he posted internal pictures of the trigger on the forum page. So I brought this gun you see here today back to life. If I get permission (I'm still waiting for confirmation), I will post this gun with a full set of instruction or you can go to the forums and try to build it yourself.

Although the trigger mech is essentially the same, I could not figure out the rotation mech for the turret. So I just through an outdated turret on there with no ratchet system what so ever. Regardless, it can still be used. In addition, this version uses broken part in the trigger to block the ram/slide. Same case as before, I couldn't figure out how to get it not to do this.

Well that's all I have to say about this. Tell me what you think below.



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    Oh my bad. Feel free to post instructions for yours.

    I definitely had a couple broken pieces on mine, and I'm pretty sure the trigger had a nub in the red connector. I had this turret locking system that worked pretty well, hopefully you make replicate it from these if you still have that thing around. Here are the only pics I've got of it:

    It's probably impossible to see exactly what's going on sadly. :l

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    Thanks for the permission man. But actually I got what the pictures are. I'll start on the instructions soon. Thanks again.

    I've built cross bows in the past and adding bending limbs helps increase range by A LOT I had an ordinary cross bow with regular limbs added bending and got from 80 feet to 170 feet don't know why but I did

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    This looks great! Kinda similar to my most recent post, but better and first! Definitely building this if/when you get the go-ahead for the instructions.

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    Thanks! I took the gun apart but I will be able to still make instructions. I think I'll end up posting it regardless. He gave me internal pictures which he never gave out before, so I'm not sure. If he didn't want people to make it, he wouldn't have given out internals. Which, what he said, was the case a few years ago.

    Great job! I was talking with Symen a month ago or so about knex guns and he said these bow type knex guns have the most potential in them. He more or less referred to them as competing slingshots.... So what do you think couple hundred feet range or what do you think these guns are capable of?

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    Thanks! Drop it a vote if you wish. As to the range, I do not think, with this gun anyways, that it could potentially reach a couple hundred feet of range. I've test fired this gun and I've only gotten around 60-70 feet (similar to what Zaks's said in his video). With that said, I do think there are some potentially cool concepts that can be used with these guns. As to what these idealistic concept are, I don't know.

    I agree. He has a very nice building style, which in my opinion, it better than some today.


    4 years ago

    This looks like it's really powerful. What range do you get with this?

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    I have no tested the ranges yet, but it is very powerful. I'd estimate ~50 feet with the two #64s I have on now.

    Yes, I know. But he did have some sort of bit that helped. I saw in the pictures he gave me.