Zan (Finger Millet Porridge With Vegetables)


Introduction: Zan (Finger Millet Porridge With Vegetables)

-Arunachal pradesh"The land of rising sun" is one of the largest among north eastern states in india.They prefer to use diffrent methods of cooking.This region is occupied by tribal people and they use fresh herbs,vegetables in their every day cooking.

-They dont use oil much or packed spice products as they prefer steaming,boiling and smoked food methods of cooking.

-Finger millet porridge with vegetables also referred as "Zan" is most popular porridge of monpa tribes of arunachal pradesh.It is prepared using finger millet flour.

-They have this as breakfast before going to work. it is nutritious and keeps you full


- 3 Tablespoon finger millet flour(Ragi)

- One carrot sliced thin and long

- Half cup boiled fresh green peas

- One teaspoon black pepper powder

- Salt as per taste

- One and half cup water

- One tablespoon ghee

- one tablespoon chopped Coriander leaves

- Herbs of your choice which is optional( I used italian herb paste which consists of rosemary,basilicum, thyme and oregano)

I added italian herb paste for additional flavour and is optional.

Step 1: Procedure

-Take one tablespoon ghee in vessel and when is heated add 3 tablespoon finger millet flour and roast on low flame for few minutes.

-Dissolve the roasted finger millet flour in little water and make paste.

Step 2: Bring Water to Boil

- Take about one and half cup water in vessel and bring to boil.

Step 3: Add Veggies to Boiling Water

-Add diced carrots and green peas to water.You can use fresh green peas or boiled ones.

Step 4: Add Finger Millet Paste

-Once carrots are little cooked add finger millet paste and mix.Once paste is added it slowly starts thickening

Step 5: Add Seasonings

-Add salt as per taste,teaspoon pepper powder,herbs of your choice( I used italian herb paste)

-Finally add tablespoon coriander leaves and switch off the stove.

Step 6: Serve

-Serve finger millet porridge with some juice as healthy breakfast.

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