"Zane Casserole"

Introduction: "Zane Casserole"

Thanksgiving is over, that means no more cooking right? Let me ask you, what are your going to take to your Parents/in-laws for christmas dinner? I just happen to have a simple recipe that can be made for just a few dollars that taste great and you can add almost anything to it. I call it "Zane Casserole". The name is from one of the 3 names I use online on verious websites.

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Step 1: Ingrediants

Ingrediants you will need.

1. Pasta I use a 17.6 oz bag to make a meal for 3 to 4 people(really any noodle should but I do not recommend whole grain because they tend to stick together and form clumps.)

2. 3 cans cream of chicken soup (really any cream of _____ soup should work)

3. 12oz. of milk use the soup can to measure it.

4. (If you want) swiss Cheese

5. pepper or any spices you like.

Step 2: Boil Pasta

Put the pasta into a deep sauce pan and cover it with water. Put on high heat till cooked stirring to avoid the pasta from sticking. For people whom don't cook much if you can stab the pasta and the fork goes in easy than it done if it requires force wait 5 min. and try again.

Step 3: Drain Pasta

Pour the pasta and water a colander(strainer) and let it sit. Also turn stove to low heat for 5 min. or to speed things up turn a different burner to low to medium heat.

Step 4: Soup

Pour two of the 3 cans into the now empty sauce pan. then fill the can with milk and pour the milk in to the pan and stir. Cook till the soup begins to boil.

Step 5: Adding Pasta and Putting It All Together

Now take the pasta and add it to the soup, Stir to make sure it covers all the pasta. Now pour the 3rd can of sour on top mad mix even more till even. This step is where you will add pepper or anything else you wish to add I suggerst curry powder but thats just me. Turn off stove and sit for 5 min. then move to step 6.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Pour into casserole dish or any container thats heat resistant or insulated and grate the swiss cheese over it and allow it to melt now you can take it to dinner with family or just serve it at home for dinner like I did which is why I don't have a pcture of it in a casserole dish. Expiriment and enjoy.

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    It's more gold do to my crapy phone I actually used swiss cheese but almost any cheeses should do.