Introduction: Zangetsu-prop

2 camping matts, 1 1inch dowel rod (5ft), 1 black and white duck-tape, contact adhesive (spray or liquide), 1 blue-print of the sword design, 1 box cutter. 1 black marker$30 in material

step 1- cut out 4 designs of the blade

step 2- contact spray 1 side of 2  of the sword designs. make sure its on the side that will adhere together.

step 3- let them dry for 10 min

step 4- put the 2 sword designs that you contact sprayed together.

step 5- measure 1 1/2 inch drown from the flat side of the sword and put the dowel rod on the 2 matts. measure how far you want the rod to be your core center. Keep in mind that you should stay 3-4 inches away from the tip of what will be your sword when you are all done. Next trace with a black marker the shape of the rod. also trace a mark on the rod of how far it went into being the core center

step6- cut out the space of where you traced the rod

step7- contact spray the inside of the matt and the dowel rod to the mark point you mad. let both dry for 10 min

step8- adhere the rod in the space you cut out. carefully apply both to each other.

step 9- take the other 2 blade shapes and contact spray 1 side and the 2 side on your core center piece with the rod. remember to spray the sides that will adhere to each other. wait 10 min. Then adhere all remanning sides together. Like a sandwich

step 10. then duck tape it up for color and your done. you have a light 5 LBS weapon with good reach and doubles as a shield.

(I apologies if this was crapy. it is my first instruct-able post and I built the weapon last year)- I will have more weapons to come in very good detail so keep looking. If you have any requests or questions please contact me at I have been making LARP weapons for 12 years and do a fine job at it. So please do not hesitate to ask a question. I will respond to all emails, post and questions any of you may have as soon as I can

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is a pretty good 'ible for what I wanted thank you. Might I suggest that you go through and take a couple of pictures so people can see what you are trying to explain? Even a fast cardboard mock up would be helpful. :D