Zarda Rice




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This is a recipe illustration for zarda rice. Zarda is typical Indian, Pakistani dessert served during weddings and other festivities. Rice is first boiled with yellow colour and then cooked in sugar syrup.


300g basmati rice boiled with 1tsp yellow food colour and drained.

tbsp oil

3-4 cardamom pods split open

glazed cherries as needed

mixed dried fruit and nuts

glazed cherries as needed

thinly sliced coconut flakes as needed

Step 1: Making the Sugar Syrup

400g sugar

5 cups water

1-2 sticks cinnamon

Place all ingredients for the sugar syrup in a pan. Cook till medium thick syrup consistency is attained.

Set aside

Step 2: Boiling the Rice

Boil the rice according to package directions, add 1tsp yellow food colour while boiling.

Drain and set aside.

Step 3: Cooking the Rice in Syrup

Heat oil in a heavy based pan with cardamom pods split open as soon as cardamom releases aroma add sugar syrup. Cook a few more minutes about 5-6 minutes and add the rice. Place a heavy base pan below the rice pan and lower the heat.

Cook till all syrup is absorbed in the rice add nuts, flaked coconut and glazed cherries.

Serve hot as a dessert.



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    Mmm, I want to try this recipe using cloves! (Which I like better than cinnamon or cardomom.) Thanks so much for posting this Instructable!