Zebra Box

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With all of our charging units, a handy storage unit unit was needed.  My solution?  Make and decorate a cardboard box to hold all the chargers in one place. An ugly plain box was doing duty as the storage space, but it had to go.  The original box was about 6 by 14 inches and this was adequate so I more or less duplicated those dimensions in the new box.  The inside was covered with black cardstock, glued in place with regular white glue.  For the outside, I used zebra stripped paper that is actually just copies of an original print I downloaded from the internet. I made the handle from two pieces of scrap wood, "drilled and tapped" for a cabinet knob screw used to attach the handle in the center of the lid.  Complete box making instructions can be found here:https://www.instructables.com/id/A-Faster-Easier-Way-to-Make-Boxes/



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    That's a really nice packing box and I'm sure the basic idea can be repeated using other sorts of designs too! It won't be called a zebra box anymore but you get what I mean…