Zelda Chest and Fairy DIY



Introduction: Zelda Chest and Fairy DIY

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A little different for me but I decided to do a zelda chest and fairy bottle DIY! Haha I hope you guys still like it. If you do, should I do more? I have fun with stuff like this too. =D Go to Youtube.com/msmaomaoz to subscribe and help me out!

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Step 1: What You Need

What I used to get this done:

-pre-made chest (if you know how you can obviously make your own)

-glass bottles & cork tops

-fuzzy little balls

-transparent string

-white felt paper


-hot glue

-paint (brown, yellow, and gold)

Most stuff I had at home if I didn't then I got it at Micheal's but I'm sure any craft store will have it.

Step 2: Starting

To start off I made sure my corks fit in the bottles.

Step 3: Prep

I then took out three colors of the little fuzzy balls. I went with purple, blue, and green.

Step 4: Wings

I used that white felt paper to cut out the wing shape. It's one big wing on top and a small one on bottom on both sides of the fairy. I used hot glue to glue on the wings.

Step 5: String

Once that looked good I took the hot glue again and glued a little bit of the sting to the cork and the other end to the fairy. I then just stuck them in the bottle and they look like the are floating.

Step 6: Yellow

I took yellow acrylic paint to paint the edges, middle, center, and bottom of the chest. You may need a few coats.

Step 7: Brown

Taking brown paint I painted that everywhere else that I didn't use yellow. I didn't like the first brown I used so I ended up repainting it darker. Haha.

Step 8: Inside

I painted the inside of the chest yellow.

Step 9: Gold

I used gold paint (mine is airbrush paint because it's what i had but you can use regular gold acrylic paint) and I put that over all the yellow.

Step 10: DONE

All done! easy and fun! =)

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