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Introduction: Zelda Theme Wood Wall Art

About: Hi my name is David, I like to make things out of Wood, also like to take things apart and fixed them.

I will show you how to make a Zelda theme wood wall art out of pallets.

Parts needed:

Pallets                              1" Nails
Sawzall                             3/4" pin nails
Prybar                              Titebond II Glue
Hammer                              Paint brush
Jigsaw                              Tape ( clear and Blue Painters)
Tape Measure                        Steelwool and Vinegar Mix
Air Pin Nailer                      Printer and paper
Tablesaw                            Rubber gloves
Cutoff Saw

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Step 1: Pallets

First step is to get some pallets and take them apart, I used a pry bar and a Sawzall.

Step 2: Cut Frame Parts

Rip and cut the pieces for the Frame

Step 3: Print Pattern for Hyrule Symbol

Download picture, import it into Inkscape. Trace Bitmap and size to the dimensions of your choice. Print out all the parts.

Step 4: Puzzle Time

Trim off the blank borders, so you can align the pieces together. Use tape to fasten together. Then attach the pattern with adhesive to 3/16" hardboard.

Step 5: Cut Pattern Out

Cut out the pattern with a Jigsaw

Step 6:

Glue up 4 Oak pallet boards and trace the pattern onto it. Then cut the parts out with a Scrollsaw.

Step 7: Sand

Sand the parts to your liking, I just hit the tops with 120 grit, to remove some roughness.

Step 8: Assemble Frame

Assemble the frame parts with Titebond II glue and nail with 1" long nails or use a Air Pin Nailer.

Step 9: Stain

Tape off the inside of the frame and stain outer with Vinegar and Steelwool mixed together. Also stain the Bird parts with the Steelwool and Vinegar mix. I applied two coats for a more Darker look. Then let dry overnight.

Step 10: Attach Bird

Use your pattern as a template to attach the Bird parts. Be sure your Template is in the Center, mine was off. Then apply the Titebond II glue to the back sides and Pin nail to backer board. Let this dry overnight and then spray with a sealer. I use a Matte Clear finish.

Step 11: Attach Hangers

Attach your choice of hangers onto the back side. I use D Ring hangers with 3/8" long screws.

Step 12: Enjoy

Now hang up your Art work and enjoy. Thanks for checking out my Instructable.

Check out my Youtube channel for more great projects, I post a new project once a week. Click here for my channel

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