Zelda and Link Costumes

My kiddos as Zelda and Link for Halloween last year.  This was before I made the life altering discovery of Instructables so there are no in-progress photos.  Yes I know there is a romantic element between Link and Zelda, but lets forget that for awhile.  

Aside the shoes and the sword, everything for these costumes was handmade.  The entire project took about a month to complete, Zelda's dress taking the longest as I had never made a dress before.  I didn't use patterns and a broken sewing machine made it difficult as well.
 Zelda's crown and broach to hold the banner were made out of poster board, hot glue, and spray paint.
Link's shield is made of craft foam and hot glue.
I was able to keep Link's hat in the traditional behind the ears pose by sewing in a thick headband to keep it in place.
The fairy was made out of plexiglass, a Christmas ornament, 3 blue LED's and a battery.

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    vault boy05

    11 months ago

    did you know there is no how you say "romantic element" between the two links just a body guard/very good friend (but that depends on which the legend of zelda game it's from) and there are a lot