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Zelio PLC is a very interesting controller  device from Schneider company and so easy to use and useful if you don't have a time or knowledge with micro controller but it is a little bit expensive comparing  with Micro Controller.

there are many type of  Zelio PLC depending on Number of input and output, the smallest one shown in below picture.
it contain from :
4 digital input (I1,I2,I3,I4).
4 analogue input from 0-10 volt (IB,IC,ID,IE) .
4 output (Q1,Q2.Q3,Q4).
available power  power source (12 ,24 volt DC) and (100,240 volt AC) it depend on your requirement  .
the cost of this type about 130 $ plus configuration cable 50 $ .
the software used for this PLC called (Zelio Soft 2)  ,it support LDR (ladder language) and FBD (function block diagram) with full simulator.


Step 1: Switch on /Off

This Video showing  how to use Zeliosoft  to make a simple switch .
a Push button switch connected to I1 and two  LEDs in Q1 & Q4 .

Step 2: Analogue to Digital (ADC) Example

In this example a 10 K ohm variable resistance connected to Ib and the other pin to positive and 4 LED connected to Q1,Q2,Q3 and Q4 .
in the first circuit I define 5 volt as  reference voltage  and I compare it with Ib ,so if Ib more than or equal 5 volt  ,Q1 will turn on.
in the 2nd circuit I define four reference 5,6,7,8 volt ,so when Ib equal or more than the reference value it will turn on Q1,Q2,Q3 and Q4 

Step 3: Impulse Relay Example

In this Example I1 connected to push button and impulse relay activated in Q1 &Q2 ,when push button clicked Q1&Q2 on ,when the Push button clicked again Q1&Q2 off.
I2 connected to magnetometer sensor like for the door sensor ,when the door closed Q3,Q4 turn off ,when door open Q3,Q4 on.

Step 4: Text Example

I2 connected to Door magnetometer sensor ,if the door open Q1 will be on and Door Open text will appear on PLC LCD.
TX (enable text).
RX (reset text).

Step 5: Counter Example

In this example 10 click on the push button will turn on Q1.

Step 6: Timer Example

When push button pressed for 3 sec Q4 will turn on.



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    thank you for the information.

    I want to buy Zelio PLC, and for sharing in my blog about the PLC

    it use ATMEGA128 microcontroller but I couldn't know the speed because the number on quartz clock not clear ,I guess its 16 Mhz .