Zen Garden Frame




Introduction: Zen Garden Frame

A frame that with some additions of sand and plants can become a beautiful zen garden. T


1. Frame

2. Speaker

3. Hut

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Step 1: Part 1 Box Frame (EASY)

To create the box frame you will need

1. 12*12 (1/8 inch thickness) * 2

2. Laser Cutter

3. Gorilla Wood Glue

4. Black Tape

Step 1 - Search for a laser cutter box design website (should be very easy). Enter box dimensions (10*10*1.5) and download and save the file that.

Step 2 - Open in adobe illustrator, add a 2 inch diameter hole in in one of the corners, and a 3 in diameter hole in the middle, and print to your laser cutter

Step 3 - Assemble the bottom of your frame, and use glue and tape to hold it together

There your box is complete

Step 2: Part 2 Speaker (Optional)

The creation of the speaker requires sodering experience however it is no too intensive. For this project you will need:

- Speaker (2in diameter)

- Jumper cables

- IC Chip

- Resistors

-9Volt Battery

-Breadboard /

First I built the circuit. It is a pretty basic circuit using one IC chip, a 9 volt battery, some jumper wires and a resistor. The photo is pretty explanatory and it should be easy to follow.

Step 3: Part 3 Small Hut (Difficult)


- 12*12 (1/8in thickness)

-Laser Cutter

-Hot Glue

To begin the project I created a 3D model and a blueprint in Autodesk Inventor Professional 2016, a 3D solid modeling software.

Then, I copied the dimensions over over to adobe illustrator in hope to use the laser cutter

(Attached is the blueprint for the hut)

The laser cutter makes the job much easier, and is more accurate than using the scroll saw. It also takes a lot less time to cut the material, so I would strongly recommend that if you have a laser cutter, it would be a smart idea to use it, however if you must, a scroll saw can be used.

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    3 years ago

    Pretty design :) Can't wait to see it when it's done!