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Introduction: Zen Garden Keyboard (Go Team Keyboard)

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A zen garden is an interesting thing. It looks like a mini sandbox, but in reality it is supposed to bring you relaxatioin when you rake the sand. And it does. I didn't really think I would be relaxed be raking the sand, but somehow, someway, it is relaxing. Maybe it's the need to rake in perfect little straight lines. I don't really know. What I do know is that a normal zen garden is boring. If you want to show off your coolness, you need to make your zen garden cool. How do you do that, you ask? Don't fear! Follow my instructable. 

Step 1: Materials and Tools

This project is really cool beacause the only materials you need is a keyboard and sand. Sand is free, and the keyboard can be an old, junky keyboard that you get for a dollar. The tools that I used are:
               - Tin Snips
               - Hot Glue Gun
               - Jig Saw
               - Screw Driver
You don't need much for this instructable at all. 

Step 2: Take Apart the Keyboard

Taking apart the keyboard is really easy. All you have to do is unscrew a couple of screws. Save the screws for later. Once you pry the keyboard open, you should have a bunch of cool building materials. You will have three keyboard circuits, a bunch of little suction cups, a chip, a metal plate, and weird rubber thing. If you are a DIYer, save all of these materials! These are extremely cool building materials that you can you to build cool things like this

Step 3: Make the Box

First, take off all of the keys from the section you want your zen garden to be in. This is pretty tedious, but make sure you don't damage yourself or the keyboard. Put the keys aside, because you'll need them for later. The next step is to take the jigsaw and cut out the rectangle in the keyboard. Once you are done cutting, sand it down to make sure there are no sharp edges and it looks pretty.

Step 4: Put Them Back Together

Take the two halves and screw them back together. You should have a gutted keyboard with a big gaping hole in it. This is how it was ment to be, at least for now. After you are done screwing around : ), take the hot glue gun and glue any holes you might have. Then glue together the keyboard where the two halves meet.

Step 5: Acquire Sand

The next step is to gather sand. This could be done the free and easy way, which is go to the beach or the ocean or whatever, and fill a jar or container with sand. This is what I did. Or you could go to the store and buy fine sand. If you have to, I suppose you could do this, but I think it's so much more worth it to go to the beach and go swimming, build a sandcastle, and dig a huge hole to bury someone in. To compare the two options, if you go to the store, you have to buy sand, it's not as much fun, but there is a plus. The sand you can buy is much finer and of better quality to rake. If you truly want a perfect zen garden where you can rake better lines, I'd go with the store bought sand. If you go to the beach to get your sand, you get to enjoy the whole day playing outside, the sand is free, but the con is that the sand does not rake perfectly. For me though, I think its nice to know that when you rake the sand, your raking sand from your favorite beach or ocean. I just realized I spent five minutes writing a paragraph comparing store bought sand and sand from beaches for a zen garden; something I would have never thought of doing. The things I do for my instructables, you better enjoy each word that I wrote. Or not. Most people don't really care about sand.

Step 6: The Rake

Because this is an awesome zen garden, you need an awesome rake. And not just a plain old wooden rake. You need a space bar rake. To make the rake, take the spacebar key that you popped out. Then take a keyboard key, I chose Z for zen, and hot glue it to the space bar. The final step is to take three screws and glue them to the z. There, you have you own rake for a zen garden.

Step 7: Figure Out What to Say

A normal zen garden uses rocks. You can do that if you like to be boring. But since you have all of those keys you popped out with a screwdriver before, why don't you use them? So, make a word or two with the keys on your zen garden. You don't want too much keys, because then you don't have enough room to rake.

Step 8: Pick Out the Message

I chose IBLE for my zen garden, because it's a short word. This gives me a lot of room to rake. Ible is short for instructable, in case you don't know. I chose it because it represents the essence of my project. That was a joke. I just did it because it's like an inside joke to me and fellow DIYers. To the normal person it reads ible. And they think, "What the hell does that mean!?!" But to my fellow DIYers, it means instructable, which are instructions for a cool project. 

Step 9: Finish and Relax

You are now done. Tired of all that work? Well, you have a zen garden in front of you! Rake, rake, rake. Put on that CD of ocean sounds and enjoy yourself.

Please comment, rate, and vote if you like this instructable. Go Team Keyboard!
P.S. For some reason I can't put on image notes, so I'll try again tomorrow. 

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    I found this "IBLE" :) while looking at something else,not sure what now lol..but I saw this and I rarely comment,but I really loved this one,I'm not to much into the new age and kinda computer art stuff,but this one was very cool..:) I also loved your sand description and the pro and cons with getting each one...:) I thought you made and showed alot of valid points and alot of heart..I thought it was awesome..:)♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥*¨¨*♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥

    Great ible. Definitely has made me inspired to rework an old keyboard into something useful. Your notes on sand selection too were very entertaining =D

    This would look great sitting in front of one of these https://www.instructables.com/id/Turn-Your-Old-CRT-Computer-Moniter-Into-A-Fish-Tan/

    Cool zen garden, I like it. This is the best thing you can do with a Comp(r)aq keyboard. (yes I know, I don't like Compaq) :D

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    Uh oh, bad luck! Turn around 3 times, then quack like a duck twice, and then pat your head once. Then, you will be cured of bad luck!

    LOLz I've put my trust in Something bigger than quacking like a duck. Thanks, though! Interesting profile pic, is it a light bulb?

    You trust something more than quacking like a duck? Probably making bird calls.... Oh, and this profile pic is a christmas light! Check out my other pictures that I added (I personally like the train one the best, but it doesn't work well for being a profile pic. Oh well.

    Making bird calls?!?! Really? Puh-lese. We're talking the Planner, dude, ya know, as in, the ultimate Creator? I trust in Him, He's got my back!
    That train pic is cool! Have a nice day! :)

    He created the duck, and all the intricate pieces in it that make it capable of uttering sounds. It would seem rather silly to trust in it, a little part of His marvelous Creation! (Proverbs 3:5-6 :)