Zen Raker

Hi my name is Wilfred Stijger

I love to invent stuff. The most things I invent are for specialized usages but sometimes it can be used everywhere.

This invention is because I had to make a beach look a like environment! the first thing I was thinking off was a sort kind of a rake that will create a beach wavy look. first of all, The rake have to be adjustable so i have full control over the rake stroke.

the rake-blades are  replaceable with all kinds of shapes triangular, square, wave etc .

Step 1:

This is a first prototype the gear works perfect next step will be a handle attached to the gear!

Step 2: Ready to Rake

With the plastic tube you can operate the gears and connect to a shovel

Step 3: Pattern

Some result on the beach
The next step will be a longer one and motor operated just to make interesting beach patterns



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