Introduction: Zentandle

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Zentandle is Zentangle on a candle.

What you will need:

a white candle

a piece of white paper

a piece of tissue paper

a piece of wax paper

permanent markers




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Step 1: Start With a Sketch

Think about the person you would like to give the candle to and come up with a zentangle sketch on a piece of paper.

Step 2: Use the Markers on Tissue Paper

Cover the sketched paper with tissue paper and with markers trace your image.

Step 3: Cut Around the Image

Cut just around your image leaving just a little bit of white near the edges.

Step 4: Wrap the Transfer Around the Candle

Take the tissue paper and wrap it around the candle.

Step 5: Wrap Wax Paper Over the Tissue Paper Transfer

Wrap a piece of wax paper over the tissue paper image and tighten with your grasp.

Step 6: Heat Your Transfer

With a hairdryer; heat the wax paper to the image by moving the hairdryer around the tissue paper transfer until the entire wax paper image turns bright and clear.

Step 7: Remove the Wax Paper

Before carefully peeling the wax paper from the tissue image, the candle should appear bright and shiny like in this photo.

Step 8: Add Ribbon

Tie a ribbon around the candle for an extra touch of love.

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