Zentangle Silhouette Project




Zentangles are a cool form of art created through simple and complex patterns. Zentangling is fun and relaxing! In this activity you will create an interesting and detailed Zentangle filled silhouette.

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Step 1: Define the Silhouette

Use a pencil to lightly sketch the outline of the silhouette you want to Zentangle. Once you are happy with your sketch, use your Zentangle pen to create a solid clean outline. (If you are not comfortable drawing your own silhouette you may trace one from a public domain image.)

Step 2: Add Strings

Draw 8 – 10 Strings (Strings are the lines used to define each section). Begin filling in each section with a unique, detailed and interesting pattern.

Step 3: Fill in Each Section

Fill in the whole silhouette with interesting, unique and detailed patterns. Add words, colour, or other details to enhance your art work and make it personal.

Step 4: Go Above and Beyond

To achieve a Level 4, go above and beyond by filling in the background with Zentangles. Make sure your silhouette is still defined with a bold boarder

Step 5: Go Through the Checklist

Ensure you have met all requirements to earn a Level 4.

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