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About: Kristen Necessary is an artist and founding Director of Zenzic Press. She encourages awareness and consideration of the mundane with a hope that creating work which incorporates humor, humility and imperfect...

zenzizenziZENZIC PRESS at ps·z

Zenzic Press is setting up shop to provide Iowa City with community printmaking facilities at ps·z

Zenzic Press will provide the space, equipment, and knowledge to explore the conceptual and material methods of Print Media in the traditions of image, text, and book. Our goal is to establish accessible user-friendly printmaking facilities that will accommodate the traditional techniques of Intaglio, Relief, Silkscreen, and Letterpress and address non-traditional questions of a cross-disciplinary experimental practice. For example, how can a print shop collaborate with a kitchen?

Zenzic Press is a component of the larger ps·z project from Public Space One, which is expanding the physical and conceptual space of PS1 by cultivating a community of experimental thinking, process, and creative production that extends the mission of the existing exhibition and performance venue. Physically, ps·z is a repurposed, multi-use basement in downtown Iowa City. This work space hosts both private and communal art studios, a community print shop (zenzizenziZenzic), a kitchen, and is home to a plethora of programming including low-to-no-cost workshops, Free Art School, and the monthly artist funding project: SOUP. The ps·z project activates local artists to administer, experiment, and collaborate within and from this space. Combinations and juxtapositions of print, performance, publication, workshop, website, conversation, and meal extend from the administration of the project to programs that reach out into the fabric of our small town.

At Zenzic Press, we recognize that the practice of Printmaking is historically rooted in the widespread dissemination of ideas, and that the print shop practicality of shared equipment encourages the practices of collaboration and conversation. We aim to assist in the permeation of these fundamental Print characteristics throughout ps·z.

Zenzic Press will use funds from The Jack Daniel's Independence Project to obtain the equipment necessary to furnish a functional workspace that can provide the makers and thinkers of Iowa City with affordable access to expensive equipment not easily obtained by individuals. First and foremost, we expect to spend $4,000 - $6,000 on obtaining a used Intaglio Press. Everything beyond the initial equipment purchase fees will support our programming costs, including the provision of low to no cost classes and workshops.

Zenzic Press Goals

·To unite makers and thinkers in a cooperative production space that promotes the exchange of knowledge and skills.

·To provide access to specialized printmaking equipment and alternative educational opportunities in an approachable and affordable workshop.

 ·To facilitate community engagement through the organization of free workshops, lectures, and classes generated by and for the diverse communities living in and as Iowa City.

 ·To explode and expand the definition of Printmaking by exploring the practice as a conceptual gathering place (0,0) for cross-disciplinary, experimental, creative risk-takers.

Zenzic Press Needs

Intaglio Press, Etching Blankets, Vertical Etching Tank, Ferric Chloride, Printmaking Hot Plate, Sinks (Silk screen Washout / Intaglio Paper Soaking), Pressure Washer, Silk screen Drying Racks, Desktop Computer, Laser Printer and Toner, Scanner, Flat Files, Lockers, Wood-Glass-Construction Materials for Work Tables and More, Cardboard-Blotters-Box Fan for our Print Dryer, Printmaking Brayers and Composition Rollers, Metal Rulers and Tear Bars, Self-Healing Cutting Mat, Basic Intaglio / Relief / Silkscreen Tools (Etching Needles, Carving Tools, Silkscreen Squeegees, etc.…), Cleaning Supplies and Vegetable Oil (to clean up the ink!), and a First Aid Kit

About the Zenzic Press Founders

John Engelbrecht is an interdisciplinary artist who happens to run a community art gallery & performance space in Iowa City. John is interested in art as a platform for activating and propagating a more thoughtful, open-minded, and fulfilling way to exist in the world.

Chis Mortenson is an artist and founding Co-Director of the Zenzic Press. His work is concerned with Wildness and the way that society engages with the natural world through imagery, definition, and experience.  Chris received his MFA from The University of Iowa, where he studied Photography and Printmaking and he is currently the Adjunct Professor of Photography at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois.

Kristen Necessary is an artist and founding Director of Zenzic Press. She encourages awareness and consideration of the mundane with a hope that creating work which incorporates humor, humility and imperfection can promote a more open, understanding society. Kristen was awarded an MFA by The University of Iowa where she studied Printmaking and Drawing and received her BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University. To learn more, visit www.kristennecessary.com



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