Zeppelin Bend With Janine




Hey guys, I'm going to show you how to tie a Zeppelin Bend. It has no relation to the band Led Zeppelin, but it IS associated with a zeppelin, or blimp-- this is the kind of knot traditionally used to hold one down. A zeppelin bend, like any other bend, is a knot used to tie two lines together, ideally of a similar size. Here we go!

Step 1: Step One: Make a 6

Your working end is the end pointing up. Make sure it’s crossed UNDER your standing end.

Step 2: Step Two: Make a 9.

Your working end is the end pointing down. Make sure it’s crossed OVER your standing end.

Step 3: Step Three: Put the 6 Over the 9.


Step 4: Step Four: Over Over Under Under.

This is important. Take your working end of your 6, and pass it OVER the top two lines, and UNDER the bottom two.

Step 5: Step Five: Under Under Over Over.

This is also important. Take the working end of your 9, and pass it UNDER the bottom two lines and OVER the top two.

Step 6: Step Six: Pull It Tight.




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    Reply 4 years ago

    Hi Drew! The sheet bend does have the same use, but it's actually a completely different knot. It's much simpler (in my opinion) and more useful if you have two ropes of different sizes. I might make a how-to for a sheet bend next.

    Thanks for your comment!