Zero Power IPhone Amplifier

Introduction: Zero Power IPhone Amplifier

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Save a water bottle from the landfill and make a sweet passive amplifier!! This project includes a phone kickstand ideal for watching YouTube videos!! Not an iPhone? No worries, we will work it out for all devices! Here we go...

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Step 1: Collect the Resources and Tools

Resources: empty water bottle, heavy card stock (8x10 inches-ish), the phone, a quarter, a dime, a straight edge, a pencil, scissors, duct or scotch tape, sand paper, and a serrated knife.

Step 2: Create the Sound Cone

Step 1: use scissors to "decapitate" the water bottle at the point where the cone ends. Once the cone is removed, take a moment to trim it nicely. Step 2: remove the collar that was formerly the lid safety seal. Save it for use later. Step 3: use the serrated knife or a hack saw blade to remove the cap threads. Take care not to remove the collar where the seal ring sits. Step 4: use sandpaper to smooth the cut.

Step 3: Start to Draw the Cut Lines

Step 5: place the phone on its back in the center of the card stock and trace along the two long sides. Step 6: place the phone on its edge parallel and outboard of each line and trace again. Step 7: Use the straight edge to extend these lines the full card length

Step 4: Continue Drawing

Step 8: use the straight edge split the four lines down the middle of the card stock Step 9: stand the phone on edge and trace a second parallel line. Use the straight Edge to extend the lines out fully.

Step 5: Keep Drawing

Step 10: place a quarter centered between the two original "train track" lines and 1/8 inch-ish away from the new "train track" line. Draw around the quarter. Write "cut out" in the center of the circle. Step 11: place a dime centered between the two original "train track" lines and out 1/8 inch-ish from the quarter. Draw around the dime. Step 12: draw a line down the center of the dime and across the card stock. Stop the line at each "track". Draw hash marks to indicate this is a "cut line"

Step 6: Draw Some More!

Step 13: stand the phone on edge on the outside of the two original "train tracks" and trace a third "track line". Step 14: use the phone on edge to measure and mark the "three tracks" out from the previously marked "cut line". These are also to be marked as "cut lines".

Step 7: Keep Going!

Step 15: on the opposite side of the bisecting "track" from the quarter, use the phone width to measure and make a mark. Step 16: use the phone again to mark out half-ish the width again. Step 17: use the phone edge to mark out one length more on each side of the "bisecting track". The drawing should look very similar to my picture.

Step 8: Almost There... Label the Cut Lines!

Step 18: label the cut lines. All the cut lines are hash marked in the photo. These are primarily all outside edges, but include the "quarter hole" also. Not an iPhone? Do not cut into the "dime", just cut straight across through the dime. Step 19: cut the part out as shown! (Don't forget to cut the "bisecting track" in through the original track... I did not draw that in well:) Step 20: label all fold lines as shown.

Step 9: Fold the Box

Step 21: fold along each line very carefully. All lines fold in toward the marked up side EXCEPT the last half length tab.

Step 10: Assembly of the Cone

Step 22: assemble the cone by placing the bottle neck through the "quarter hole". Some trimming may be needed to pop it through. Once the neck is popped through, replace the plastic ring that was set aside in step 2.

Step 11: Close the Box

Step 23: fold in the side tabs (Note: some tab trimming may be needed to achieve a perfect fit) Step 24: fold up the single sides Step 25: fold the double sides down over the single sides and duct or scotch tape the tab ends to the bottom of the box. Step 26: use a little duct or scotch tape to fix the internal tabs to the wall (skipping this step can cause the phone to mash the tabs and ruin the sound.

Step 12: Cross the Finish Line!

Step 27: trim the "kick stand" for a reclined angle. Step 28: decorate the cone and box with permanent markers. Pop in the iPhone and relax, you deserve a break to enjoy your new toy! (Not an iPhone? You may have to trim as needed to expose your phone buttons)

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nicely done! The red and blue on the bottle was a nice touch. Thanks for sharing!