ZeusCam A-G4 3 Axis GoPro Gimbal for Drones: Setup and Test Flights

Intro: ZeusCam A-G4 3 Axis GoPro Gimbal for Drones: Setup and Test Flights

The Zeuscam A-G4 gimbal for GoPro cameras worked pretty much out of the box, however there is (as always) some setup work required before you can use it.

Here's the gimbal specification: 3-axis gimbal with brushless motors; Aluminium Body; AlexMos/SimpleBGC 32 bit controller; - Integrated controller & IMU; 3S or 4S Lipo (12V UBEC used here); 360 degree rotation (not tested here); Integrated AV Out (not tested here); Pitch & Yaw control.

What you get... Prebuilt gimbal; Various parts for mounting the gimbal; 2 servo leads; User Manual. The ZeusCam A-G4 was delivered with parameters loaded which worked very well. You may want to reset the IMU. Also, to communicate with the gimbal controller you will need to download the relevant GUI... All available at www.basecamelectronics.com

Screenshots of all the original gimbal controller settings are at the end of this video.

The Tarot 680 hexacopter used in the testing was wired with a dedicated GoPro AV transmitter connection so the in-gimbal cabling was not tested. Also, the fixed legs meant that full 360 degree rotation was not an option tested.

Test Footage: We decided to try the gimbal in some punishing conditions, so went a couple of miles down the road to Avich Falls. Small space, dynamic and fast moving subject, cold & wet air affecting the barometer etc. GoPro 3+ was set to 1080/25fps to highlight any issues with gimbal performance.

The drone was flown very slowly to make the test even more punishing for the gimbal.

Drone Specifications: Tarot 680 full carbon fibre frame, APM 2.6 flight controller, Combined NEO GPS & Compass, X8R Receiver for RC, 3DRobotics 433 MHz transmitter for telemetry and Ground Station Link, Tarot 4006-620kv motors, 12x5.5" propellers. RCTimer High Voltage 40A Speed Controllers (ESC) with SimonK firmware, 600Mw 5.8Ghz AV transmitter. RCTimer ZeusCam A-G4 3-axis gimbal. GoPro Hero 3+ Black camera.



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