Zigzag Braclet

Introduction: Zigzag Braclet

A cool wavy and fun rainbow loom bracelet

Step 1: Pouting on the Rubber Bands

Start by putting a rubber and on that goes from side to side then grabbing another color and going strait then go back and put on a band going up and down then go back and put one going up and down on the other side then going across then put a band going strait across then following what you did before Keep on doing this until filled loom

Step 2: Hooking

Turn your loom around go under the first rubber band and grab the second band then hook it onto the pin then go back go under the first band again then grab next band then go back hook on the next band then the next keep doing this till you are done with the loom

Step 3: Taking It Off

Put your hook through the top 2 bands then put a clip on the end then pull it off

Step 4: Extensions

Put a couple of bands on then put the end of the bracelet on the loom then hook all together once done put end on c-clip

Step 5: Enjoy

You can make this anytime or anywhere. Have fun creating this fun and cool bracelet

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