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Introduction: Zigzag Pop-Up

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Here's a quick pop-up that only takes a few minutes and has a nice effect. All you need is a printer (preferably color) and something to cut with.

Original design by Masahiro Chatani.

Step 1: Print Out This File


Step 2: Cut Along the Black Lines

My preference is for an Xacto, but whatever works for you.

Step 3: Blue Valleys and Red Mountains

Fold in along the blue lines and out along the red lines so that you have blue valleys and red mountains.

Step 4: Enjoy the Pattern

Make sure that the folds are nice and clean. When you're all done you should be able to flatten it in on itself to make the folds more solid.

Now carefully stand it up and enjoy the zigzagging pieces of paper.



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    this should be easy...... oops, printer crashed...

    kinda looks like a piano keyboard

    it is very easy,i like it

    Lots of scope with this paper techniques - here are some more efforts. This was a project we did at school as light relief.

    11 replies

    OK I had a little time this afternoon so i have redrawn the stairs for you - This should work - or be very close so you can see the changes required. unfortunately I don't have time to make it. However I post some more of similar projects.

    popup stairs.jpgDSCF1107.JPGDSCF1109.JPGDSCF1100.JPG

    On the net - which I have drawn A3 so the actual stairs should fit on an A4 page OK - The black lines should be cut and the green lines folded. I put the model on there so you can see which way to fold.

    Mmm I can see the difference on my flat screen monitor - But I will post another in red/black with thicker lines so you should be able to see them. remember I haven't made this I just drew it so there may be some errors.


    Yeah, please post some templates. If you can't, it's ok, but remember this, you let down a lot of people. (3... Maybe 4, I Dunno?)