Introduction: Zip-Tac-Toe

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OK, here's the scenario:

It's raining, you're stuck inside, you're bored, you don't have a writing implement but you have a ton of zip ties. You've already made a zip tie cape for the dog and you're somehow miraculous out of things to zip tie together. The boredom is starting to bore a hole in your consciousness... How do you do to defeat the evil boredom zombies?!

Zip-Tac-Toe, that's how.

Step 1: Making the Board(om?!)

Tools and Materials: Zip ties.

Yep, that's it. And the best part, if you attach them to each other with the smooth side to the ratchet tab you can take everything apart when you're done and reuse the zip ties. Boredom zombies defeated and your zip ties live to fight another day.

To make the 3x3 Zip-tac-toe grid:

  1. Get 8 long zip ties.
  2. Slide two zip ties onto one of the long zip ties.
  3. Repeat step 2.
  4. Align the parts from step 2 and 3 like shown in the picture.
  5. Attach everything together using the remaining 2 zip ties.
  6. Adjust the grid to suit your level of OCD...

Step 2: X's and O's, (or Maybe Hugs and Kisses?!?!)

I used white zip ties to contrast with the black Zip-Tac-Toe board. A medium size zip tie for the O's and 4 small zip ties for the X's worked well.

Step 3: Tic'ing and Tac'ing

Or is it Zic'ing and Zac'ing? Either way, the O's won. In case you didn't notice that I used a red zip tie to indicate who won.

And yes, if you're wondering... this first game pictured here I played against myself. I''m not sure if it's good or bad I won...

The next game my wife took pity on me and agreed to play Zip-tac-toe. We tied. And then we tied again. And again. And again. And then I let her win! (No not really, we tied...)

Step 4: Zip Ties Live to Fight Another Day!

Whew. Good stuff. The boredom zombies have all been defeated and the world is once again safe, we can disassemble the Zip-tac-toe board. It's as easy as it sounds if you got the right orientation on the zip ties. If not and you've got one stuck, you can use a small screw driver to release the ratchet.

Disclaimer - shameless promotion ahead -
Every time you vote for this instructable a boredom zombie gets it's wings!
Wait. No. Flying boredom zombies would be bad...
Please vote anyway and I'll work on a fix to the flying boredom zombie problem for a future instructable...

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