Zip Tie Bike Theft Prevention Device

Introduction: Zip Tie Bike Theft Prevention Device

have you ever tried to lock up your bike with a nice big u-lock only to find that the badly designed city bike lock-ups prevent you from locking your wheel to nither the frame nor the lock-up this is to help with this

and yes i know this will not stop a determined criminal but to the casual kleptomaniac this will make it exponentially harder to steal a quick release front wheel

its dead simple

1 get a zip tie (or 2 or 4 or 17)

2 locate the hole in your wheel release handle ( if you don"t have one improvise, make one, or just wrap it around)

3 put a zip tie in the hole and around the frame

congrats your done and please get a real lock to compliment this it will not stop anyone armed with sharpened safe-T scissors

thanks for reading please vote

i have lots of ideas for projects involving a laser cutter if i magically win the lazer contest :D



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    you know thats a much better idea in fact i think ill take the entire bike into the store with me :)

    thanks for checking it out!

    I recently fitted monkey lights to a bike and they come with metal zip ties to prevent theft. Your concept with a metal zip tie would be really really good! Nice idea.

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    thanks! the idea of metal zip ties did cross my mind but i didn't know they existed thanks for commenting ill keep my eyes out for them

    if you're just running in&out of the store, simply park your bike upside down and loosen your front wheel quick release several turns and return lever to closed position(so it looks normal to the unsuspecting eye). if a grab and dash(or ride) occurs the wheel will fall off(hopefully as the thief is riding away, resulting in a karmically spectacular crash), causing both a scene and enough of a delay to foil a theft. good only for quick stops but simple and effective.