Zip Tie Bracelets



Introduction: Zip Tie Bracelets

Zip ties are strong and have many uses such as tying cables and much more.
So I decided to do something different with zip ties. I decided to make
tie pin bracelets. These are made by weaving zip ties together similar
to bamboo weaving. This is very easy to make and won't take more
than fifteen minutes to make one.
Enjoy making

Step 1: Material

- 200mm Zip ties (obviously) 15 to make the thin bracelet
I have used black and white
- soda can or any other cylinder of size of your wrist
- scissors to cut cut the excess

Step 2: Making the Wefts

Wefts are the horizontal zip ties through which the vertical ties pass.
To make the wefts-
- decide the thickness of the bracelet
- then make loops of alternate black and white ties as shown in the picture but if you start with black then end with black too and if you start with white then end with white
Ands wefts are made

Step 3: Making Warp

Warps are the vertical ties passing through the wefts
- to weave take a tie a pass it under the first horizontal zip tie
- then pass it over the next horizontal zip tie
Repeat this for all the horizontal ties as shown in the picture
- then to make next the next warp, pass the zip tie over the first loop and the under the second loop. Repeat this for all the loops

Repeat both the main steps alternately

Step 4: Locking the Zip Ties

Locking is very important because if the weaving is taken out without locking then all the loops will
become loose and come out.
To lock slightly and carefully push it out.
Now bend the excess of vertical ties and lockit to its end
Now you can pull it out and tighten the locks and cut the extra parts
And zip tie bracelet is ready

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