Zip Tie Hack Copenhagen Solar Cooker Replace Lace




This Zip tie hack makes an already easy to pack Copenhagen Solar Cooker even easier to use. By using Zip ties you can break it down as fast as you can clip the ties. Be sure to carry enough Zip ties.

Step 1: Possible Items to Assemble a Copenhagen Solar Cooker With.

A shoelace is included in the Copenhagen Solar Cooker package. Other possible connectors include ; 8 nuts and 8 bolts, 8 plastic pegs, 4 pipe cleaner pieces or 4 Zip ties.

Step 2: We Choose 4 Zip Ties. Lay 1 Wood Base Piece, 1 Shiny Panel, 1 Top Base Piece in a Sandwich. Thread Zip Tie Through All 3 Layers.

Line up the holes of bottom wood base, plastic panel and top etched wood base. Pass tail of Zip tie down through all 3 layers then add second plastic panel and push Zip tie tail up through all 3 layers. Zip 1/2 way tight and do the same with other corners.

Step 3: Zip All 4 Zip Ties As Tight As You Can.

This shows how shiny side should look. A close up of how tightened Zip tie should look like on top. Next picture shows how bottom should look. Zip ties in place.

Step 4: Fast Breakdown.

If you are hiking you can take it apart to save space but bring enough Zip ties to reassemble for next meal. It I much faster than threading shoelace each time.

Step 5:

Step 6: Finished Ready to Cook.

To use for cooking use the 4 clips to form a flower shape. Adjust for center reflection.



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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Thank you Merry. It is quite sturdy. It goes together faster than the shoelace method. It also is one of the few solar cookers that can be carried inside a backpack very easily when the zip ties are cut. Carry the shoelace for backup in case the Zip ties get lost.


    3 years ago

    I love the zip tie method. It looks like it would be really sturdy. Especially if you didn't intend to take it apart each time.