Zip-Tie Hacks !!!




Introduction: Zip-Tie Hacks !!!

Zip-Ties are also known as zips, cable ties, tie-wraps, hose ties, and zap-straps, are low-cost, effective tools for holding items together. Zip-ties were invented in 1958 by an electrical company named Thomas & Betts. Ty-Rap was the original name of the device.To make the devices more cost effective, manufacturers later changed to the nylon/plastic design. They already have a lot of uses but still I am giving you some hacks !!!!

Enjoy !!!!!

Step 1: HACK #1 "Compression"

Its can be used to compress your cloths at the time of packing. You need to do is just roll your cloth and tie it with the Zip-Ties.

You can even compress it further by folding your cloth and tie it.

Step 2: HACK #2 "Security"

There are many bags and pouches with rings to apply padlock for security purposes. But there is a cheap option too!!!!! Zip-Ties are there to prevent someone from mishandling or opening your bag. Just take the Zip-Tie from the rings and tie it. All done.

NOTE: The Zip-Tie can be cut off but is cheap too.

Step 3: Hack #3 "Repair Gear"

Zip-Ties can be used to repair your gears like bags etc. when broken. You need to take the tie through the buckle and tight it according to your requirement.

Step 4: HACK #4 "Hanger"

Hanging can be also done by using Zip-Ties. Just you need to do is take the Zip-Tie through the ring and through the other thing.

Step 5: HACK #5 "Snow Tire MOD"

By just tying Zip-Ties around the wheel you can make a Snow Tire.

NOTE: It might break during cycling or driving due to friction.

Step 6: Hack #6 "Key Ring"

Zip-Tie can be also used as a key ring if you can't find a metallic key ring.

Step 7: HACK #7 "Cable Tie"

I think the name tells the use of cable tie. Zip-Tie can be used to tie up extra wire between the power supply and the device.

Step 8: HACK #8 "Tie Something LARGE"

Want to tie something bigger then a Zip-Tie? Just start connecting tie to tie and done.

Step 9: HACK #9 "Book Binder"

Just completed a project or homework, and need to tie the book? Don't worry Zip-Tie will help you in that case too!! Just keep the pages in a pile and take Zip-Tie through the holes. Tie it up and cut the left over part of Zip-Tie to make it look good.



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    1 year ago

    Is there anyway to weatherproof a zip tie for long term outdoor use??

    2 replies

    Yes you can with,"Plasti Dip"It is a rubberized coating used for dipping tool handles and available at almost any Hardware store or home supply,I use it on my Ham radio Antennas outside on zip ties and Mounting hardware,you can use a brush to apply it to zip ties and it comes in several colors including Florresent colors.73

    The short answer is no, but you can buy outdoor ties that are made of UV resistant materials.

    FYI, another name for zip ties are cable ties...

    1 reply

    I picked up a oak dresser from Craigslist that needed a nut for one of the drawer handles since the nut was missing. I wrapped a small zip tie around the drawer handle bolt and tightened it up and is working great! Zip ties are the bee's knees for a zillion of things. Thanks for posting!


    2 years ago

    I have used the locking idea for luggage, but will tell you that Airport Security will automatically cut the ties and check your luggage if you use this idea while traveling.

    1 reply

    But still you can use them while traveling by car, train etc......

    #5 how will you use the V-brake? :)) hack available only on disc brake wheels

    next snow imatry 5 on my schwinn delmar

    Why are they called "Hacks"? These are normal uses for zip ties. And #7 (cable ties) was the original use for the invention.

    1 reply

    they are called hacks coz they make our life a bit easy.
    and about the original use it also help us to organize wires

    Hope you don't plan on using the brakes on the bike. But the rest look good.

    2 replies

    HEHE!!! It is recommended for cycles with disk brakes.......
    Vote me for the contest it you like it!