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Here is a fun project to make a very unique shoe out of a 3D print and some zip ties.

Step 1: Print the Base

I found a really beautiful lace shoe model on Thingiverse link from an artist Pasquale Abbattista, who goes by boeing787. We printed this in white PLA at 200 degrees, took about 4 hours per shoe on my printer. The timelapse video was created automatically by the octoprint running on a raspberry pi.

I don't think the print came out perfectly, there are some strings that didn't find their place, but it is a very intricate model, so I was happy with the way it came out.

Step 2: Check the Fit

Once the print was complete I peeled it up off the printer, and checked to make sure it fit.

Step 3: Add ZipTies

For the straps I found some really long zip ties at home depot, I think this gives a normally industrial fastener such an elegant use. The lace holes in the shoes were perfect for threading the zip ties through.

Once the zip ties were adjusted to fit, I trimmed off the excess.

Step 4: Painting

I used a large cardboard box for a "paint booth" and set the shoe on a wooden block so I could rotate it without touching the shoe. When painting plastic with rattle cans I use thin light coats. For this project I just did 2 coats, and they look great.

Step 5: Enjoy Wearing Your New Zip Tie Shoes

wait for the paint to completely dry before you take your new shoes out on the town!

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1 year ago

Want to see you model them!

Mira marin

2 years ago

Hey! how much does it cost to print one of these on a 3d printer at home?

2 replies
JodyCochranMira marin

Reply 2 years ago

Mira the filament used is very affordable. My software estimated this was about $1 per shoe in PLA.

Mira marinJodyCochran

Reply 2 years ago

Really? Amazing! I have asked here around and the prices that they gave me was around 200$. So I thought that printing our own shoes was so expensive and not worthy. But if the costs are so affordable, then I would buy a 3d printer!!


3 years ago

OMG! Shoes! These are fantastic! I will have to get a 3D printer just to make shoes. lol


3 years ago

OMG !! I LOVE those shoes. There are millions of women who are 'shoe freaks', and would lose their minds with joy if they could make their own. Fantastic instructable !! Thanks for sharing. WOW !!!!!