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Introduction: Zip-Up Legwarmers

This project is fun and simple.
They are easy for beginners, but can also be made more detailed and elaborate for the more advanced.
I made these as gifts for my nieces and friends' daughters who are between the ages of 9 - 12 and they loved them!
They're fun to wear, extremely warm, and can be made in under an hour. I hope you like them!

A few notes:

A zipper foot is recommended for most sewing machines. You will be able to sew closer to the zipper teeth and not show as much of the tape. I, however, do not currently own a zipper foot and therefore my pictures will not show one. (For this project I think that is ok because it shows more of the contrasting colors.) But please, if you own one, by all means use it. Check your machine's instruction book.

I chose to leave the bottom uncuffed for 2 reasons: I think is is warmer when it wraps around the ankle and I think it looked better. But certainly it can be turned up the same way the top was turned down. Follow that same step if you want a bottom cuff. 

You need to take measurements before you purchase the supplies. Simply measure up your leg from 1 inch below your ankle to the top of your knee. Then measure around your calf at the thickest part and add 1 inch for seams. Use these numbers to decide how much fabric to buy. For the zipper length, I subtracted 5 inches from the height measurement. I did this for two reasons: to allow a 2 inch opening at the bottom for a better fit, and to leave enough fabric on top to fold over a cuff. This part may need to be altered based on available zipper lengths.

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Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:

Separating zippers:  One for each leg warmer; length will depend on your measurements. Here I used 14 inch zippers.
Animal print fur backed fabric: I bought 1/2 yard and had some left over, but it really will depend on your measurement.


Measuring tape
Sewing Machine
Zipper Foot (recommended, see intro)

Step 2: Cut the Fabric

Cut the fabric into two rectangles based on your measurements. (These were 19 inches tall by 16 inches wide.)

Step 3: Attach the Zipper

Place the zipper faced down (right sides together) 2 inches up from the bottom and along the edge of the height measurement.

Leaving 1 inch of the zipper tape unstitched at the top, attach the zipper with the teeth as close as possible to the foot. As you get to the bottom slide the zipper up out of the way and stitch to the bottom end of the tape.

Fold the top part of the zipper tape down 3/4 inch and sew in place.

Turn over the fabric and again place the teeth as close as possible to the foot. Sew the full length of the zipper making sure to go through the double layer of fabric and the zipper.

REPEAT the same process for the other half of the zipper.  (Make sure to check that they line up when you first stitch the second half on.)

Step 4: Make the Cuff

Work with the zipper open.

Fold down the top fabric so the fold is 1/2 inch higher than the folded zipper tape.

Tuck each end under 1/2 inch and stitch down. Check to make sure each end is even.

**I left the length of the cuff unstitched for more flexibility.

**The unfinished edges did have some fuzzballs initially that I pulled out but it was not a continuing problem.

Step 5: Repeat

Make another one following the same steps.

Step 6: Give As a Gift or Wear for Yourself

I hope you like these and have fun making and wearing them!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! You could really customize them by shaping them to your legs before seaming them.