Zipper-Braided Bracelets [Blue]

Introduction: Zipper-Braided Bracelets [Blue]

About: Follow me @al3xisonline | ii am a high school senior, and I love to make lots of cool and cute DIY projects that I find here on instructables :)

Any one can learn how to make a "Zipper-braided" bracelet for a friend, a relative, or even a sweetie <3 All you need is a few yards of embroidery floss (in three assorted colors), a clip board to hold down your bracelet while you braid, and even a few beads (optional). You can make just one and show it off to your friends and family, or you can make 10 and wear them all together! Either way, you'll look super cool :D 

With this particular bracelet, I decided to get a little fancy by adding a few Austrian crystal beads. I also used Navy blue, baby blue, and white embroidery floss (purchased from my local Hobby Lobby).

But first thing's first: You must know the basic "4" knots. You can learn how to do that from almost any friendship bracelet website. Google it! :)
The "Zipper-braid" pattern can be found here:
Just follow the instructions carefully and soon enough, you'll be able to make your own customized zipper-braided bracelets!

Thank you for reading this Instructable, and good luck!

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