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Introduction: Zipper Dress

So,i decided to make my first Instructable. Since i have only pictures of the already made dress i'll try to explain the steps. If there is something you don't understand,feel free to ask.I'll try to make a detailed version on the next one and add some drawings at this one too :)

Step 1: You Need:


-taffeta fabric

-lining fabric

-metal zippers

-hidden zipper


-scissors,iron,thread,sewing machine...

Step 2: Cut the Fabric and Adding Interfacing

Put the pattern on fabric and lining.Cut around the pattern allowing 1cm for seam.Cut the interfacing for the bra to make it more rigid and iron it on the back side of the bra pattern.

Step 3: Sewing the Dress

First sew the zippers on the seams of the front and back of the dress.Use the foot for the zipper when you sew.On the bra cut the zipper to measure the pattern. First you sew zippers on 2 small pieces and sew them together. Then the upper piece.

Sew the bra on the front side.

Sew the back piece together allowing space for the hidden zipper in the middle. Sew the hidden zipper in.

Sew the front piece and back piece together.(side seams)

Sew the zipper on the upper side of the dress.Start at center in front piece and sew to the back side.

Repeat the sewing on the lining but without zippers and iron the seams.Set the lining on the upper zipper going around the bust and back area with pins and sew around.

Sew the lining around the hidden zipper in the center back.You can do it by hand or use the machine.

Sew the length of the dress on lining and fabric.

-All the seams with zippers are sewn over to prevent the zippers to move on the other side.

-Use pins when you sew,especially the bra area which is more difficult to sew.Be careful of the length of the zippers and center of the bra.

Step 4: Sewing the Shoulder Strap

Cut 2 pieces of taffeta fabric and interfacing approx. 15x25 cm big.Iron the interfacing on the back.Take the zippers and cut the fabric leaving just the metal teeth on a small cord. It's good to have different types of zippers,from color to thickness.

Hand sew the zippers on one piece of taffeta fabric.Make whatever pattern you like. I just sewn circles and round shapes the way i felt looked good.When you're finished,cut excessive fabric around the zipper pattern allow 1-2cm for the seam.Lay over the other piece of fabric and cut around the same shape.

I put a zipper as well for the rest of the shoulder strap.

Sew the zipper strap on the zipper pattern piece.Put the other taffeta piece over it and sew around,leaving an open space at the bottom,so you can turn it around.

Sew the shoulder straps on the bust at the zipper pattern and measure to fit on the other side and sew that too.

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    thank you.there is a lot of hours put in that detail,everything is sewn by hand.