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Introduction: Zipper Pull Earrings

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You can hang almost any small object from an ear wire as long as it's light enough. Zipper pulls are extra perfect, because they have ways to hang them and to hang things from them. This means you can dangle crystals, pearls and other beads from the zipper tab. Depending on the zipper pulls your using, you can make industrial, steam punk or colorful earrings. The possibilities are as varied as the zippers in the world!

I used pull tabs from a Swiss Gear backpack.

Step 1: What You Need

2 zipper pulls

The part of the zipper that slides on the zipper. It must have a tab pull with a hole. I took the zipper pulls off an old torn backpack.

eyepins (1 for each bead dangle)

2 jump rings

2 earring wires (I used hooks)


Flat nose, round nose and chain nose pliers

Wire cutters - optional

Step 2: Remove Zipper Pulls

Cut each side of the zipper and slide the pull right off.

I also cut off the fabric pull tab.

Step 3: Clean Zipper Pulls

Used zipper pulls get dirty, so clean them.

Step 4: Add Hardware

Open a jump ring with pliers.

Thread it onto the top of the zipper pull. The tab should be hanging down.

While the ring is still open add an ear wire.

Close the ring.

The size jump ring you need depends on the size of the zipper. For these backpack zippers I used 10m and 12mm silver plated rings.

Step 5: Are You Done Yet?

You can leave them just like this. They make cool earrings even without the bead dangles.

Step 6: Add Beads for Excellent Dangles

Assemble beads (4 - 8mm) on 1 - 2 inch headpins (22g -24g). Leave at least a 1/2" unbeaded "tail".

Bend the tail of the headpin at a right angle, 2 - 4mm above the top of the beads(s). Use flat nose pliers.

With round nose pliers, hold the wire tail at the bend and loop the wire tail over the pliers and into a circle with your fingers.

Before closing the loop, gently slide the dangle onto your zipper tab.

Then wrap the remaining wire tail around the headpin in the space left above the beads. Make at least 1 full wrap. You can wrap as much as you want after that if the wire is long enough. Use pliers to add stability. Cut excess wire if you want.

Step 7: Repeat

Make 2 sets of dangles for each pair of earrings. Make as many as you want and as long as the tab can hold them. Keep in mind the weight of what you're adding. These are earrings, after all.

Step 8: Finishing Touches

When all the dangles have been added, see if you like the design of your earrings. You can add beads, ribbon, colored wire etc. if you want. I added beads to the jump rings to balance out the design.

Now they're ready to wear.


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    5 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Love this! I have so many little things like zipper pulls I have saved and never knew what to do with. Now I know what can be done! Super instructable. :)


    5 years ago

    very cool.

    Thanks!! What's funny is that had to wait to do the project because I recycle everything I can. It was a long time before we had anything with zippers that was destined for the trash.

    Great way to re-use broke zippers! They look kind of like the classed-up version of zipper jewelry I used to wear when I was younger :)