Zipper Earrings Made With Bracelet Making Parts




Hi everyone!  This is my very first Instructable.  I'll be showing you how to make earrings out of zipper sliders and bracelet making parts.  Enjoy!

Tools needed:

-  A pair of pointed pliers. 
Smaller ones are better, but this was the only pair I had around when I made these earrings.  I think there are ones specifically for making jewellery.

Materials needed:

The reason I'm using bracelet making parts is because I don't have earring making parts and I'm not bothered to buy them.

1.  2 "Bubble wand" wires (roughly 2 cm).  They look like bubble wands so I'm calling them that - don't know the real name.
2.  2 large rings and 2 small rings (roughly 5mm and 3mm respectively)
3.  2 zipper sliders
4.  2 earring stoppers

Step 1:

Bend the loop of the "Bubble wand" wire 90 degrees.

Step 2:

Open up the loop of the wire with the pliers and insert the small ring inside.  Then close the loop with the pliers.

Step 3:

Open up the large ring and loop it through the crown (pull tab holder) of the zipper slider. 

Step 4:

While holding the large ring with the pliers, loop the small ring (attached to the "Bubble wand" wire) on to the large ring.  Then close up the large ring.

Step 5:

Add the earring stoppers and you're done!  (I don't have the stoppers in this picture, sorry).  You can make lots of different styles with these materials.  Here are some others I have made:

-  Beaded earrings
-  2012 earrings (made with thin wire)
-  Christmas wreath earrings


Make sure you check what the materials are made of so that you don't infect your earring holes and also thoroughly disinfect the earrings after you make them and before you wear them!



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I had a zip earring years ago which I lost. Can't wait to recreate it