For this costume you will need a zipper, making sure it is long enough to cover the desired area, white face paint, thick scabby fake blood, and spirit gum (or any desired adhesive that is safe for the skin. 

Step 1:  Trim the edge of the zipper off so there is no extra material on the sides.
Step 2: Unzip the zipper the desired length.
Step 3: Apply spirit gum to the skin where the zipper will be placed and on the back of the zipper and then apply the zipper and hold in place for 60-90 seconds. You may have to go back and add more spirit glue in stubborn or hard to hold places to ensure the zipper stays in place.
Step 4:  Apply white face paint on the 'outside' of the zippered area.  You can add any extra details you desire.  We chose to add dark circles around the eyes for the added 'dead' look.
Step 5:  Apply the fake blood 'inside' the zippered area.  For the best effect, do not 'smooth' out the blood, but make it thick and clumpy. 

**This is all that's required for the Zipper Face costume.  In the photo, we added the ratted black wig and bloodied white dress.  You can use any added details you choose.



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