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Introduction: Zippy Chain Bracelet

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Zippy Chain Bracelet

Step 1: Placing Your BANDZ ☆★♡♥

First thing is make sure your pegs are facing the right way and then you wanna do is place the green band on the middle peg and make your way up to the left and when you get to the top place the band right across on the middle peg.
Then wanna do the same thing on the other side but put the band on the middle peg top.

Step 2:

Place the black band on the middle peg facing upward then put the turquoise on the onto the left peg the on the right so it makes it look like an arrow make sure to follownthe graph when you get to the top place ONLY THE BLACK BAND NOT THE TURQUOISE
Then what you want to do is place a cap band on the top middle peg.

Step 3: L00m IT UP ☆♥☆

You want tp turn your loom over so that the arrows are facing you .
Now for the looming part you want to take you hook and (dont go all the way down what you want to do is get the band that goes to the left and loom it to the side) do the same thing on the other side but loom it to the right.
After the you want to loom the side PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO LOOM THE SIDES.
Then when you're done looming the both side's you want to take the top turquoise and loom it then do the same and take the bottom turquoise and loom it after that the black band is there loom that up too the loom the sides keep doing that till you get to the top

Step 4: Chains***

When you done looming it should look like picture 5
Now since the bracelet is small you want to make a chain put your hook through all the bands and make your chain by pulling the band through all of the keep going
If you have a big wrist use 5 or 4
(*keep in mind that is stretches)
If you have small wrist 4 or 2
when you're done with the chain put your "C" clip on the chain.

Step 5: Take OFF Bracelet ^-^ *-*-_-

Hold your chain and take the bracelet of with a slow jerkin motion
then when you completely took it off grab the other end and attach it on to the "C" clip and enjoy your bracelet

Thanks for coming to the end of step, if you have any questions ill be happy to answer

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    dog lover109
    dog lover109

    6 years ago

    Omg I love it ps how do you make your pictures like that


    Reply 6 years ago

    I use an app called "pizap" ^_^