Ziptie Phone Holder





Introduction: Ziptie Phone Holder

This is a cool little way to keep your Phone. Just hang in the phone and done.

Step 1: What You'll Need.


1. Cello Tape

2. Any Pen or Pencil.

3. Phone.

4. Zip Ties

Approximate Time: 10 mins

Step 2: Tape the Pen to the Surface.

Before taping the Pen, remove the Cap of the Pen. Tape the Pen in 2 Place so that there is place to insert Zip Tie.

Step 3: Insert the Zip Ties.

Insert the Zip Ties in 3 positions between the places where you applied cello tape.

Step 4: Place Your Phone and Done.

Have Fun :D



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    9 Discussions

    In one hand it is true that you have to be carefull with the tape but in the other hand maybe you can use it if your wire to charge it is a little short and this way you can reach the plug but I do not see other utility other to be a cool way to hang your phone lol.

    This is absolutely ridiculous and has ZERO creativity to it. 100% lazy.

    I Dont understand why you would want to. Why would you trust 3 cable ties and 2 pieces of sticky tape with your expensive phone. Sticky tape dries out (especially cellotape) and will eventually fail, dropping your phone.

    yeah ... but you could also set this up on a wall and hang the phone there :p


    2 years ago

    okay... features for your improv creativity!!

    You can also use this for cooking!