Zoetrope Statue



Introduction: Zoetrope Statue

Anyone who has had the pleasure of being to a Blue Man Group show has seen the zoetrope statue that spins and looks like it's dancing at the end. If not then I'm sure a quick jump on Google can fix that. I wanted to see if I could with little money try to replicate it in a small way.

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Step 1: What You Need

I chose Def Leppard Pyromania for my record. In addition you will need small artist figures used for drawing human poses, these are available at most craft stores and I bought 5 at 6 dollars a pop. They are about 6 inches tall and I left them on the stands. You also need a strobe light often you can get them clearance pretty cheap after Halloween. Also a glue gun and I chose a Lazy Susan for the turntable.

Step 2: Plan Ahead

The key to a zoetrope is to have the figures each make just slightly different moves But all the same directions. I chose to have them do a moderate head banging to the music.

Step 3: Stick It to 'em

It is not necessary to measure it out as I only had five figures. If you wanted to use more(which would probably make the statue more fluid and cool) you will need to make sure you work around the circle and go left to right starting after the first statue until they are all in place. I used Hot glue to stick them down as it dries fast and works really well.

Step 4: Find a Dark Room

Now with the statue done I secured the record with duct tape onto the Lazy Susan( it's a wooden tray that spins around) I thought it might be good if one was mechanically inclined to attach to a motor say or a power drill. But I used human power and manually spun it. Also it's important that if your strobe light comes with a adjustment switch you have to try fast and slow settings to get the right look. Unfortunately this is just trial and error. And make sure the strobe is facing the statue NOT you. Otherwise you'll just end up with a headache. And make the room as dark as possible.

Step 5: Final Result

When I shot the video the camera reacted weird to the strobe light and made a black bar but as you can see the statue starts to blur and looks like it's moving. The results are hardly done justice in the video It is spectacular in person and I think with more figures and a motor it could really be at it's best. Hope you enjoy making it as much as I did.

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