Zoidberg Claw Mittens

Last year I was whole-heartedly embraced by the world of Instructables when I shared my knitting pattern for a Dr Zoidberg balaclava. https://www.instructables.com/id/Dr-Zoidberg/ Thanks for all the love.

Almost a year later, I've finally written the pattern for the matching claws. You can find it here https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1fl-U7zEg_hZ4raPie93PWHmpi0EGogy3Y2D31OEmMWk

The mittens are knit but the serrated edge is crocheted. To follow the pattern you will need to be able to knit, purl, increase and decrease and also be able to work all the basic crochet stitches: slip, single, half double, double and treble.

I hope these patterns provide entertainment for people all over the world and if you make them I'd love to see your pics.

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