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Introduction: Zoltar Speaks

DIY project, built on a segway, with 1000+ watts of amplification, wireless microphone, bluetooth audio monitor, two way communication with a spotter, 7 Speakers, Micro controlled light show.
12 Cold cathoid black lights, over 200 LED's, voice changer, echo / reverb / delay
fully self contained! -- WINNER 2009 Halloween Contest!!

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    This is freaking amazing!

    Some technical descriptions of the CRAZY amount of systems you have at work would be neat to see.  And I have to ask, what was the iPod for?  Did Zoltar have a themesong?

    Nice work!  You have my vote!

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    Hi there, The ipod was loaded with carousel music, to set the proper mood for the fortune  teller. - I am working on making a full page on how I built zoltar and all the electronics used!



    I'm already Uploading Photographs, and compiling all the info!



    WINNER  is what it should say,  this one in my opinion is tied with the working powerloader from aliens  costume from a few years ago.

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    (I am trying to win a contest you know!)



    I am in the possess of uploading all the pictures, and then building a how to, but it will take me some time to make it presentable!


    PS: here is a picture of me, and a real Zoltar.
    (can you guess which one is which?) 


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    That's great news - this has the making of a site classic.

    Make sure you include a video of it driving around.

    (And if you need any help, contact one of the Volunteers)

    Wasn't Zoltar the nasty guy (who turned out to be a girl) from "Battle Of The Planets", so many years ago?...Anyway, a very interesting instructable. Now, please, keep going with your instructible ideas, learn, modify, but please, keep going. There is nothing more surprising that what people are interested in...Which really means, no matter (within Instructable guidelines), someone will be interested..Regards.

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    Thanks! - I only know zoltar as a fortune teller but who knows what evil lurks in the heart of men (umm women) - I actually quite a tinkerer, and have "made" many things (sadly, or not sadly) mostly segway related.

    I have a basement full of projects, AND a hard drive full of photo's of those projects. as I go along I hope to share them all with this community!