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Introduction: Zoltar - the Flickering Lamps

This is the First in a series of Detailed instructions on specific items of my (ahem) (cough)
Award Winning Zoltar Segway Float (Ok, Im climbing off my high horse!)

The Back lights:
I hope you have seen Zoltar, so you know my references if not here is the link:

I wanted the lamps in the back to be Flickering candles, to add some mystery and creepiness
to my fortune teller costume, But I also did not want to mount little flicker LED tea lights
with batteries I keep having to change, this had to be hard wired into the main electric, and also
have to be removable for shipping / service.

Step 1: The Parts

Parts are:

1)  "Made in China" "Black and Sage" Cordless Wireless Bulb
Item #BWB-313

2) Ace 6v Screw in Flashlight Bulb (Item 3086329)
$2.49 At my local ACE Hardware Store (burned out bulbs work just as well for this)

3)  "Made in China" FLOMO Holiday Essentials Votive Candles
Item # XO2432 (.99 at my local 99 cent store)

4) 1 - Glass Light shade  ($4.00 in ACE hardware)

Step 2: Taking Apart the Tea Candle

This is really easy, You just take a forceps and pull apart the snapped together candle
exposing the LED and some wires.

Here is a video of the tea candle in action:

Step 3: Removing the "Flame"

Using the same forceps wiggle off the top plastic "Flame" housing, we will be using that as well.
Discard the Candle parts, the switch, plastic bottom, etc all we are keeping is the LED, the battery
and the Flame plastic piece.

Step 4: Breaking the Bulb and Pulling Out Its Guts

Ehwwwwww!!! I didn't know there would be GORE in this instructable!

Sorry, but yea, you gotta smash the bulb, I take a plastic bag and wrap it around the bulb,
say in my best Tony Soprano voice "it's nothing personal, you understand" take my foreceps
and crush the bulb, then use the foreceps to remove the broken glass, and plastic insulation
on the inside [warning sharp glass and sharp metal cuts fingers!]

Step 5: Adding the LED

Now take the LED and bend the SHORTER leg over (Be gentle) with the forceps
take the leg and just hold it and let the pin hit the center of the bulb [picture 1]

use the foreceps to hold the metal part and heat the bottom with a soldering iron
till the longer leg passes thru it, add a touch of extra solder so you have a nice bead
[picture 2]

Let bulb cool for a minute

Then take the bent end, and hook it over the outside of the bulb, keeping the LED as close to centered as you can (you can push the LED around to center it, be FIRM, but gentle! [picture 3]
then solder the outside bent piece to the top of the housing.

Step 6: Time to Admire Your Work!

Screw the bulb into the Wireless bulb lamp. REMEMBER your bulb is 3 volts
so only use TWO Batteries. not the 4 that comes with the unit.

if you did it all right you will be rewarded with this:

Step 7: You're Almost Done!

Now take the "flame'' Cap and make sure it goes over the LED easily , and that it sits center of the housing, you can work with the LED bulb on or off. [Picture 1 & 2]

Now comes the tricky part and you need to do this part quickly.
Using a hot glue gun, you need to fill the inside of the housing with glue to act as a insulator
and to hold the flame piece in place. [Picture 3]

Now once you fill the housing with hot glue, and put the flame piece on,
wrap the outside with Teflon Tape, this will give you a nice smooth outside bead
and the glue will not stick to the Teflon.

wait 5 minutes, remove the Teflon, put everything together (lamp, shade, etc) and...

Step 8: Finished Project

Here is the lamp mounted in Zoltar

(I used a real 110V lamp base, and added the wireless bulb base to it, will be featured in another

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