Zombicide Survivor Card Sleeves (CHEAP!)

Introduction: Zombicide Survivor Card Sleeves (CHEAP!)

So, I am very late to this game and someone has probably come up with a much better or similar idea, but here is my cheap way to keep your equipment cards together with your survivor cards when you play. I received Zombicide - Season 1 for Christmas and love the game. I've had a lot fun with it so and plan on expanding all way through Season 3, at least.

I don't have much free time to mess around anymore, so this is a great game to pick up and play for an hour or so and not have the "low" feeling often felt when spending too much time in front of a screen. Also, you can play it alone, which I tend to do as I don't live near friends (insert snide remarks if needed.)

Anyway, the biggest issue I found with the game was how to keep the cards with the survivors when you weren't playing on a massive table where everything could be laid out nicely. In my own searches, I have seen where others have created trays and small survivor cards like those I guess Guillotine Games uses for Zombicide - The Black Plague. I didn't want to spend more money by going that route and didn't want to spend a lot of time recreating cards for survivors that came with the game (printing would have been an issue as well). So, I experimented and came up with solution.

It is low profile and the equipment cards don't slide around (much) and are relatively easy to add and remove. Best of all, if you can get your hands on the Sliding Bar Report Covers, these homemade sleeves only take a few minutes to make and are CHEAP!

Materials Needed:

- Sliding Bar Report Covers - 8.9" x 11" (or similar dimensions) - Try Walmart
- X-Acto knife
- Hard surface for cutting with X-Acto
- Ruler (I prefer metal when using razors)
- Scissors (mainly for clipping the little edges off the template and plastic)
- Glue for Plastics (Model Glue or Craft Gorilla Glue) - my results are mixed so far
- Fine point marker (a thin Sharpie)
- Template (file included - Make sure to print at 100% scale)
- Thin cardboard (same dimensions as Zombicide survivor card)

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Step 1: Making the Template

Use the X-Acto and ruler to cut out the template provided (the measurements on the template are more for information as the lines should be accurate).

DO NOT CUT along the lines marked "FOLD" and leave the card sleeve lines for now (the dotted lines with 1-5/8" below the line). Make sure to cut the small dotted lines, widely spaced lines, and the solid lines (at the bottom) around the exterior.

Sorry for any confusion. I included the gray outlines above and within the template to show how the survivor card should be positioned within the template upon completion.

Step 2: Check the Template Fit

Once the necessary parts have been cut away from the template, fold along the flaps and the bottom portion (marked 2-1/2") behind the upper portion (marked 3").

I made a fake character card out of old cardboard (like a cereal box) to be helpful to ensure proper dimensions so it is easier to fold both the template and the plastic sheets. This way you can make sure it is not too tight for the survivor card to fit well. The cardboard also helps as a backing for cutting the equipment card slits later.

Step 3: Set Aside the Completed Template

Step 4: Sizing the Plastic Sleeves

Place the ruler at the seam of the plastic report covers and use the X-Acto to split into two plastic sheets.

Mark each sheet at two (or more) points along a 5-1/2" measurement (for 11" height). Adjust to halfway if your report covers are a bit longer.

Cut the report cover along the points to create two equal halves at slightly under 9" wide by 5-1/2" tall.

Step 5: Marking the Folds on the Plastic

Unfold the template and flatten the seams. Match the plastic sheet against the template and mark points along the fold line. Make your marks small in case they don't wipe away. Don't worry about the equipment card lines for now.

Step 6: Fold and Glue Plastic Flaps

Fold the flaps and bottom behind the larger, front piece of plastic.

TIP --- This is where the cardboard survivor card or a true Zombicide survivor card can be helpful to make sure your lines are straight, fold easily, and the plastic sleeve isn't too tight around the survivor card. You can also leave the fake card inside when you glue to help keep the shape.


With the flaps folded, place a small amount of glue near the edge of the back plastic where the flaps will overlap it.

DO NOT glue on the small side flaps as it may run onto the inside of the front flap. No one will see the back so it can be a little ugly.

Press the side flaps to the glued area and place it flap side down on a piece of paper or something in case the glue seeps out. Then, place a heavy object (a book) on top for a few minutes until the glue sets (usually 5 or 10 minutes).

Step 7: Cutting the Equipment Card Slots

With the flaps firmly attached, slip the folded template into the sleeve so it touches the bottom seam and is centered between the sides.

TIP --- The fake survivor card is helpful for placement here. It can be slipped between the template. And, it can be used as a back for the cutting so you don't cut through both the front and back plastic. Either way, you want to place something hard between the front and back before starting to cut.

Use the ruler to line up across the template slightly below the dotted lines marked 1-5/8" (so you can see the lines and know where to stop and start). If you haven't already, put something hard inside the template to protect the back plastic against cuts. Carefully slice along each line (but not between or you will have one long cut).



Once all the lines for the equipment cards are cut, remove the template and cardboard (or whatever was used) and YOU ARE FINISHED (with one).

I know I said in the beginning I didn't have much free time, but, yes the "Six-Gun Gorilla" is a custom card and so is the LOBO. I mean, come on! It's a Gorilla Gunslinger!

Thank you for checking this out and I hope it helps.

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